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Your Questions Answered

How often should I rebuild my shocks?

We advise that you have your shocks serviced every 3 years or every 1500 miles, whichever comes first. Shocks are filled with oil that begins to break down due to use and age. Keeping your shocks maintained ensures you always have a quality ride, prevents failures and also saves you from costly repair bills.

I am not happy with the way my machine rides, can you set my suspension up for me as a rider?

Absolutely! We can customize your suspension to fit you as a rider. Once you ride shocks that are built FOR you, you'll never look back. You wnt belive how much better your machine rides a

What does a standard rebuild include?

Standard rebuilds include complete teardown of the shock, thorough cleaning of all internal parts, refill with AMSOIL shock therapy oil, reset IFP to factory depth with a new seal and recharge the shock with nitrogen back to factory spec.

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